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"Mauthausen goes around"
"Mauthausen goes around" The Pragstein Castle, which was established on a rock island and is separated by a watercourse from the bank, was established by Lasla of Prague in 1491 and can be seen on the coat of arms. The coat of arms shows Pragstein Castle in its original appearance in the municipality colours red-white-blue. Market since 1335, since 1985 partner municipality of the following European municipalities: Prachatice in Bohemia (CZ), Cogollo del Cengio in Venetia (I) Altitude: 243.44 m Area: 13.89 km2 Inhabitants in Sept. 2004: 5.093 Households in Sept. 2004: 2.130 E-mail address: mauthausen@oberoesterreich.at Website: www.mauthausen.at; www.mauthausen.biz; www.mauthausen.info

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